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Bornheim No.3 Extended in Hunt: Showdown

Bornheim No.3 Extended
This early German semi-automatic pistol can release a hail of accurate fire by virtue of its low recoil. Modified to increase capacity by removing the option to reload via magazine.
This Bornheim No. 3 was slightly modified with the incorporation of an extended magazine. The retrofit was realized as desirable as subsequent models naturally incorporated their own larger magazines. This naturally compliments a high rate of fire. Military trials were unsuccessful, citing the fact that the large magazine encouraged wasting ammunition. Nevertheless, it proved a popular and simple adaption.

Statistics for Bornheim No.3 Extended in Hunt: Showdown

Ammo 8+1/10
Damage 74
Effective Range 68 m
Rate of Fire 210
Reload Speed 8 s
Muzzle Velocity 380 m/s
Handling 64 %
Melee Damage 13
Heavy Melee Damage 31
Price 306
Unlock Rank 1 challenge from "Book of Weapons" after Rank 30
Slot Size
Work with Traits Bulletgrubber
Legendary Weapons no
Heavy Melee Damage. True damage value of a charged heavy melee attack that hits a Hunter in the Upper-Torso.
Melee Damage. True damage value of a regular melee attack that hits a Hunter in the Upper-Torso.
Damage.True damage value of a shot that hits a Hunter in the Upper-Torso at 10 meters.
Handling. Unit: %. An abstract rating of effectiveness taking into account; weapon sway, recoil and bullet spread. For melee weapons, this takes in account stamina consumption, reach and angle of the swing arc instead. The higher the percentage the better the weapon handles.
Effective Range. Unit: m (meters). For firearms: The range (in meters) that weapons will kill a Hunter in one hit – usually a headshot. Some very powerful weapons will also kill with one hit to the Torso. For throwables: The range that this item can be thrown.
Reload Speed. Unit: s (seconds). The time (in seconds) it takes to fully reload the weapon when empty, disregarding any special behaviors such as clip reloading.
Rate of Fire. Units: rpm (rounds per minute). How many shots can be fired per minute, taking into account shot preparation without any other delay in-between (such as reloading).
Muzzle Velocity. Unit: m/s (meters per second). The velocity (meters per second) which the fired bullet will travel at. Heavier projectiles (such as crossbow bolts) also travel in a ballistic arc.
Damage per Tick. Damage while affected.
Effect Duration. Units: s (seconds). The time the effect lasts in seconds.
Effect Radius. Units: m (meters). Effect radius in meters.

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