Weapon project by "Hunt: Showdown Encyclopedia"

Weapons in Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown armory is enormous. Hunters get a great variety of means for killing monsters and each other. All weapons in this game are well-balanced and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pistols in Hunt: Showdown

Pistols are very popular among hunters because of their high rate of fire, especially Dolch 96.

Revolvers in Hunt: Showdown

Revolvers attract hunters with their killing power, especially representatives of Caldwell Pax and Caldwell Conversion Uppercut.

Rifles in Hunt: Showdown

A huge range of rifles allows hunters working for sure at medium and great distances.

Shotguns in Hunt: Showdown

There is nothing better in close combat then a shotgun against the enemy.

Meele in Hunt: Showdown

Melee is the best choice for a real hunter: less noise, more action.

Meele in Hunt: Showdown

Weapon of choice for true hunters.

Meele in Hunt: Showdown

Is your foe hiding under cover? Blow him! Burn him! Poison him!

Meele in Hunt: Showdown

Don't let your enemy sneak up to you unnoticed - make him a joyful surprise with a trip mine.